I don’t if it’s this never-ending cold winter weather or this flu, but lately I’ve been in a very reflective mood.

I gave myself the afternoon off on Friday, just to rest up and make sure I didn’t send out any garbled emails.

It felt like a massive thing to do. To NOT reply to incoming mail straight away. To NOT be sitting at my laptop. To NOT be productive.

And you know what lesson I learnt? The world will still turn. It won’t come crashing down. People don’t expect an answer straight away on a Friday afternoon. So stop worrying about it.


This got me thinking a bit over the weekend. I realised that I’ve made a bit of a habit out of being frantic. Of having a hectic to-do list. Of expect so much of myself. And although I don’t necessarily believe that that’s such a bad thing, I do believe that it’s not necessary. My success is not based on how busy I am, but on how effective I am. And often, effectiveness is directly proportional to how much down time you take.

being busy does not equate to being effective

I read an article this morning about the 10 Commandments for Creatives . The first commandment says

Give space, time and energy to your creativity.

SO key, and clearly a lesson I haven’t learnt yet as I keep having to learn it over and over. Although, this time, I’m feeling like it’s sinking in. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s wisdom, or maybe it’s just fatigue.

Time to allow myself the time sit back now and then and just be…

I’m reading (read: listening to an Audible book) called “How to do everything and be happy”. One of the tasks they teach in the book is to take one day off a month. To do nothing. To do anything. Whatever you want to do. That sounds like a jolly good plan and I think I’ll do just that!

How do you top up your creativity?