If I had a gun to my head and I was asked to share my favourite kind of shoot that I love doing, I’d have to choose Personal Branding Shoot. The reason is because of the impact Personal Branding images can have on a person’s confidence, on their brand, on their business, on their livelihood and on the lives of the people who love the person being photographed! That’s alot of impact, right?

Of course, this is what I imagine parents must feel when asked which of their kids is their favourite. I love ALL the different types of shoots I offer, but I do have a soft spot for Personal Branding shoots.

I’ve personally done my own Personal Branding shoots for my online platforms and I’ve seen, first hand, the impact they have had. Images from a Personal Branding shoot can take the perception of a person or a brand from ‘Meh.’ to ‘AMAZING!!’

It really is the difference between you creating a first impression that impresses or a first impression that’s completely forgettable.

Impact of Personal Branding Images on your Personal Brand

So what do Personal Branding Images do for your brand?

1. Creating the impression of being the expert

When you take yourself seriously enough to get professional photos created and shared, you set yourself apart from the rest of your industry. If a prospective client is browsing around for an expert in a given field and is faced with a choice between two brands – one with professional images, one without – chances are they’ll choose the one with the professional images because they’ll feel more connection with the person, the product and the brand as a whole. Think about the last buying decision you made online – did you favour the person with the professional images?

Not to mention that by commissioning a Personal Branding Shoot, you get to choose the impression you want to create so that you’re perceived as the obvious expert – which in turn, makes you feel damn confident!!

2. Telling the story of what you do and how you do it

Your potential audience wants to peek behind the scenes and see how it is that you do what you do. They want to know what to expect if and when they engage you for your expertise. We live in a reality TV world where our voyeuristic tendancies are at an all time high. This goes a long way to building the trust aspect of a relationship with someone who doesn’t know you personally but who’s ready to hand over money to the right person for the job.

3. It makes you memorable

Once you’ve grabbed your audience’s attention, your next step is to retain their attention. By having a library of customised professional photographs at your disposal, you can keep their attention by showing up consistently, with a cohesive look and feel across your social media platforms, website, blog and print material, and that consistency is what’s going to make you memorable to your prospective clients. The more they see you, the more they’ll get to know you, which will lead to them liking you, which will lead to them trusting you. Consistency is the key here, and building a strong Personal Brand is an ongoing process. So in order to remain memorable, you should be aiming to update your collection of images at least twice a year, if not quarterly. You want to stay top of mind, and you also want to keep your brand fresh, current and relevant.


So in order to create an impactful Personal Brand, be intentional with establishing yourself as the expert in your industry, show and tell prospective clients how & where you do what you do, and be memorable by consistently showing up and remaining relevant.


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