Have you ever noticed how we tend to become more passionate about things we’re good at?

Stands to reason right?

In this video I’m contemplating and sharing with you how following your passions AND how not following your passions can increase your confidence as a woman.

There was a study done about why generally there are more boys in the sciencey type industries than girls, and why girls tend to favor more creative or language orientated careers. As it turns out it all comes down to testosterone and our tendencies towards our passions.

When little boys and little girls grow up, the testosterone in the little boys inhibits their speech development, that’s just how it goes.

So girls tend to start speaking sooner than boys. 

Another study showed that generally at a young age, girls and boys have equal skill levels when it comes to those science and math type subjects. And yet, the boys tend to follow that field more so than girls.

Why is that? 

It’s because, according to some clever academic types, as humans we tend pursue and become passionate about the things that we’re already good at.

So in the example of the maths and science vs the languages – the girls tend to pursue languages because at a young age they’re good at it. Whereas the boys, even though their maths and science skill are equal to the girls, they tend to pursue those types of subjects because, compared to their language skills which are lower than the girls, that’s where they’re higher performing.

Think about that in your own life.

What are the things you’re passionate about?

What skills are you confident in?

Are they the same skills that come easily to you? 

You’ll probably find it does. So your confidence and your passion is clearly tied to the things you’re naturally good at.

Now the reverse would also be true. By avoiding the things you’re not good at, your confidence in those areas will diminish because the more you avoid them, the less skilled you are in them.

The challenge is then, in order elevate your confidence in a more rounded way I think we should also be upskilling ourselves and find our passions in areas that we’re less skilled in. Not only will we eventually increase our skill base, but we’ll also broaden our perspective which will both make us feel more confident.

What do you think? Do you agree with me? Or do you stick with what you’re good at? 

Let me know in the comments below.

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