How are you doing these days?

If you’re like me, you’re having good days and bad days.

There are days when you feel like you’ve got your shit together, and days when you can’t get out your PJ’s.

You vacillate from being inspired and enthused to create, and not being able to muster the motivation or find the point in even trying.

It’s been a constant back and forth.

And if you’re nodding your head in agreement right now, then guess what? You’re not alone!

When this lockdown first started for us here in South Africa, I was all guns blazing and grateful for my natural affinity for all things tech and online. I love nothing more than to figure out how to use a new piece of software. In fact, in this lockdown, I’ve changed my entire photo and video editing AND social media posting workflow – using new software programs for each! And yes, while this change was mostly motivated by the need to see where my business is incurring unnecessary expenditure, it’s also turned out to be a great gift in the adventure of learning something new and getting the old grey matter firing on all cylinders and discovering new ways of doing things.

But I digress.

Or do I?

Actually, no. This IS part of this story – you see, because I’ve immersed myself in some REALLY steep learning curves – another one of which I forgot to mention which will be changing the face of the Cafinnate Academy – it does mean that I’ve gone a bit quiet on the social media front. I’ve been so ‘in the zone’ (and sometimes just in no zone at all) that posting on social media hasn’t been a priority for me (although I completely value it as a marketing tool, so it really is a priority right now – ESPECIALLY during lockdown). See the back and forth here!

The fact is, as entrepreneurs and impact makers we DO have to get comfortable and confident with showing up in SOME way – whether it’s on social media, or webinars or your newsletter. We really would be wise to embrace the fact that our audience wants to hear from us and be helped by us, in whichever way is best for them and that means YOU have to show up!

So recognizing that I have been hiding away behind my own education and creative exploration, I’m resurfacing. But in a way that’s lead by what feels right to me, not by what I see other’s doing.

And that’s what I want to share with you in this post.

How to be Confident AF Online

It’s easy to see how others are ‘killing it’ online, or ‘owning’ their space on social media, or ‘ripping it up’ – whatever the lingo is that the kids these days are using (do I sound THAT old?). But the reality is, if you’re seeing others being amazing online and it’s making you feel sick and shit about yourself, it’s time to unfollow. Yup! You have my permission, (not that you need it) to unfollow anyone who’s ‘motivational’ and ‘inspirational’ posts no longer motivate and inspire you.

On the dark side of motivation and inspiration is obligation and comparison. You know it well, and if you don’t you’ll know you’re in that neighbourhood whenever you hear yourself saying “I should…” or “I have to…”

That’s when you know it’s time to unfollow.

There’s no “should” or “have to” when you’re showing up in your most real and authentic way. There’s only “…get to…” and “…choose to…” Because it’s only from this stand point that you’ll be able to show up, step out of your comfort zone and become Confident AF online.

When we turn inwards for our motivation and inspiration, when we REALLY listen to what’s calling to be created, that’s when we can act from a place of alignment, create with confidence and own our corner of the online world, because we’re no longer competing or copying – we’re simply creating. And a large part, I believe, of social media success, is our own belief, our own trust in the timing of our spark of inspiration, and our call to create and share. It’ll connect with the right people, at the right time. And one person’s 1 million subscribers, is another person’s 100 subscribers. And that’s beautiful, and wonderful, and part of the joy of this adventure. I saw this post on Instagram yesterday and it totally resonated…

I reminded myself of this earlier this week and it’s helped me tremendously. It’s easing me back into showing up. And sometimes we all just need a little reminder, that what we SHOULD be doing, is listening to the calling of what’s inside us, and DO THAT!

That’s the only way you’ll be able to Thrive in Place!

Featured on the On Her Way Up Podcast

I was also reminded this week that earlier this year I was privileged to be interviewed on the “On Her Way Up” Podcast with Kailey Jacomet. Kailey and I met when she visited Cape Town from the USA, and we did a GORGEOUS Personal Branding shoot around Cape Town (pre-lockdown, of course!). Her photos will be coming to the blog soon! It was a seriously gorgeous shoot, and we got the chance to enjoy some really great conversations, so we extended that conversation when she was back home in the US and now you can listen in too…

Press play to listen to the Podcast Episode:

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In this episode I share thoughts on:

  • Diversifying our businesses
  • Building an online business
  • The impact of personal confidence on our business
  • Confidence on video
  • The thing that trumps perfect presentation
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome
  • The one mantra I use all the time to help me overcome fear of showing up
  • How we can use our creative talents to expand our life and our business

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