It’s high-time for a catch up.

I’ve been feeling a little frantic over the past few weeks.


For wedding photographers, these cold winter months are generally the time to get some rest, recoup from a busy wedding season and get prepped for the next one that’s fast approaching. That prep is generally the time when we look at our businesses from the outside and make tweaks and changes where needed. It’s a time to work on and implement systems that can streamline the business once we’re back in the shooting saddle in the middle of high season.

Being busy and being productive are two very different concepts, I’ve come to realise. Anyone can be busy. Whiling away the time and not actually achieving anything. Being productive is when your activity actually leads to some kind of result. Something tangible. It didn’t previously exist. So while I haven’t been sharing too much online lately, I feel my winter days have been spent productively, albeit offline. In my pajamas.

In my defense though, with regard to being productive online, I’ve had some recent website issues. Not physically being able to blog was a very real obstacle in the last week or more. Thankfully though, as you can see, that issue has been resolved.

Finding and (partly) moving into a new studio/office has also been a bit of a distraction. More about that in a later post.

And finally, I’ve been working damn hard on those systems I was talking about. Finding them, setting them up, implementing them and then remembering what your thought process was when it comes to actioning them a few days later. It all takes time.

Not to mention a whole load of personal growth going on behind the scenes. I’ve been having a couple of ‘light-bulb’ moments, a handful of ‘woe-is-me’s’ and a sprinkling of ‘meaning of life’ type insights. All very interesting. All very cathartic. And all very necessary. Not that I’m a drama queen (as far as I can tell) but I think it’s good for business and good for the soul to do a bit of introspection every now and then.

As I approach the last month before my wedding season kicks off, I’m optimistic that these past few weeks of working ON my business are going to pay off when I’m in the thick of working IN business. There’s only one way to find out….