Yesterday I was thinking back to a week ago, when The Hubby, The Pup and I headed off on our little roadtrip.

In total we were only away for 3 days but the mere fact that we went away at all felt profound.

As a couple The Hubs and I are somewhat workaholic. We don’t really know how to do leisure. It doesn’t come naturally, so it’s something that we really have to make an effort with. My birthday last week was the perfect impetus to have a forced break from routine.

We went up to my folks on the West Coast on Saturday and left for the Breede River on Monday, returning to Cape Town on Wednesday and back to work on Thursday.

Not a ‘holiday’ by any stretch of the imagination, but enough of a change to for me to notice the impact of breaking away from the day to day stuff.

Playfulness is as important as Productivity

This morning I attended the Xtraordinary Women Business breakfast and the speaker’s topic was Playfulness. He shared how the business world is changing from a mostly dominant left-brain, analytical, IQ orientated approach to a more right-brain, creative, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and SQ (Social Intelligence) approach. That having fun and being playful is just as important as being productive and efficient.

I’ve long known this and have identified in myself very clearly, both tendencies. The creative VS the productive side. Interestingly, I’ve always prioritised the productive side, as most people do. But our recent time away has made me rethink this.

When we allow ourselves to break away from the to-do lists, the plans, the schedules, we find the most inspiration, enthusiasm and creative ideas. It’s the fuel we need to top up our tanks to be able to perform at our peak when we’re in productivity mode.

When you’re a creative person running a business, we need to remember to place equal emphasis on both the Productive and the Creative side. It’s our duty, otherwise it’s like we’re pushing a cart with 1 wheel and end up pushing it in circles.

So this post is just to say – embrace the fun, take time off. Allow yourself some creative playfulness.

Here’s some random pics from our time away…






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