February is internationally known as Library Lovers Month, but I’ve decided to call it Read Yourself Confident Month.

I’m sharing with you some of the books I’ve read recently that have made a big impact on my personal confidence and my personal development. I swear – I don’t remember ever being this studious a reader when I was at university. I suppose that’s the difference when you’re upsklling yourself in something that you’re obsessive about!

My hope is that you are inspired to seek out and read these books and that you also walk away with the valuable growth and learning that’s embedded in their pages.

The second book I’m sharing this month is Ultimate Confidence by Marisa Peer.

So take a little break from your routine, watch the video below and find out why I recommend this book as part of Read Yourself Confident month.

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What are your thoughts? Have you read Ultimate Confidence? What other books have you read that have helped you elevate your confidence?

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