[Video 1] #CTConfidence 2016 – What’s Your No.1 Confidence Challenge?

by Dec 1, 2016#CTConfidence 20165 comments

After the success of last year’s #CTConfidence campaign in which I challenged 10 women to a Reverse Before & After photo shoot, I knew that I was going to repeat the campaign again this year.

Of course, I had intended to do the campaign much earlier in 2016, but all things being as they are, it turns out that today, the 1st of December 2016, is the perfect time to launch!

I again asked 10 women if they were up for a challenge. This year, however, I was going to do things a little different.

I asked them to share their answers to this question:

“What’s your no.1 confidence challenge?”

After hearing their answers, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to create just one video, so I decided to create 10 videos!

I will be publishing 1 video per day from 1st – 10th December!

Video 1 – #CTConfidence 2016


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