[Video 7] Cindy #CTConfidence 2016 – What’s your No.1 Confidence Challenge?

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I can totally relate to Cindy’s confidence challenge in this video. Granted, I have much to be grateful for, and my experience of acne wasn’t as severe as Cindy’s, but I still remember the vulnerability of having to face people to the point of distraction, when you can’t pay attention to what they’re saying to you because your mind is fixated on the fact that they’re looking at your face that’s covered in blemishes. I take my hat off to you Cindy, for sharing your journey so openly and honestly. I know that you’re already helping so many women and girls, just by letting them know that they’re not alone.

This is the 7th of 10 videos I’m sharing for the 2016 #CTConfidence campaign where I I asked 10 women to share their answers to this question:

“What’s your no.1 confidence challenge?”

By answering this question, these women made me I realised that each of us has different obstacles standing in the way of us stepping into the most confident version of ourselves, so when other’s share their challenge, it makes the rest of us realise we’re not alone in our own journey.

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Video 7 – #CTConfidence 2016


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