Have you ever felt overlooked? Ignored by someone?
Have you ever been the person who gets picked last for a sports team?

You know how it feels then to not be the first choice and to not be someone’s priority.

In this video I’m gonna give a confidence tips for us women about how self love and personal prioritization will make you more confident.

I’m totally generalizing here but women are the worst – always putting something or someone else needs ahead of her own.

I suppose it has something to do with our ancestry, when women had to stay back in the cave with the kids while the men when out to kill saber tooth tigers, and on his victorious return, he was tired and the kid was hungry so she had to prep dinner instead of going to watch Desperate Cave Wives with her friends like she wanted to.

If you think about it, deprioritizing yourself over a long period of time is bound to have a negative effect on your self perception and your self confidence. Why wouldn’t it? Not to mention that you teach other people how to treat you by demonstrating to them what you find acceptable for yourself.

Time to Reprioritize You!

So it’s time to draw the line in the sand girls! It’s time to reprioritize YOU!

So I’m not saying that you have to take it to the extreme and become a self-serving, uncaring narcissist. I’m just saying that you should start practicing saying no to someone else’s demands, if it’s not what you current want or need to do. Consider each request, check in with yourself, determine whether it suits you to oblige, and if in this moment it doesn’t, politely decline and go on with what YOU want to do.
It’s as simple and as difficult as that.

As a recovering people pleaser – I totally understand how this can be a daunting task, so I want to make it easier for you. How about practicing one act of self-love every day for a month? Just small things – like going for a midday walk – Because you want to. Or take an afternoon nap – because you want to. Or Treat yourself to a cupcake – because you want to.
Consciously choosing to do little random acts of self-love, for no other reason other than your own desire will not hurt anyone and will not make you a selfish person. I promise you!
What it will do, is kick you out of your automatic ‘YES’ mode, it’ll make you stop and question what you ACTUALLY want to do. And deep down inside, each little act of self-love will start to change that voice inside your head that tells you you’re not important enough, or you’re not worthy enough to have your own desires met.

And that my friends, is how you begin to personally prioritize your way to more confidence.

The #ConfidentMeMonth Challenge

If you’d like a little nudge in the right direction, I’ve created a list of 31 small acts of self-love that you can try for a month. I challenge you to take up the challenge and then tell me at the end of the month that you don’t feel better about yourself.

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And better yet, when you inform your significant others that you have a challenge that you’re committed to, I bet you’ll see a difference in the way they treat you by the end of the month because remember – you teach people how to treat you!

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