Have you ever tried to learn a new skill? Perhaps playing the guitar? Do you wish there was a shortcut to confidence? I guarantee, you’re not alone.

In this video I’m going to share my thoughts on the incremental nature of confidence so that you can go easy on yourself when it comes to building your confidence in something new.

At the end of the video I share with you an exciting gift to encourage a New You in November.

Anything new is scary. At least that’s usually my experience of it. Without a frame of reference or a past experience to refer to, I generally feel quite vulnerable when I start something new.

Like learning to play the guitar – It’s been on my bucket list for yeeeeeaaaaars! And I’ve tried many, many, many time to actually learn. At one point I even got so far as being able to play ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ – granted it was a very slow and awkward little lamb, but I could do it.

Then life happened and I’ve hardly picked up the guitar since.

On the odd oCafinnate Academysion that I have picked it up, I’ve found that I can’t remember a single chord, and I have to start the learning process all the way from the beginning.

That’s because in order to learn a new skill, you have to practice, practice and practice, until it becomes second nature and you can do it with your eyes closed.

You remember what it was like when you were learning to drive? Right? If you kept at it, eventually you’re able to drive without really noticing that you’re doing – which is scary ‘cos sometimes I wonder how I got to my destination in one piece.

Or when I started out with photography – It took me ages to firstly understand the ratio between the f-stop, the shutter speed and the ISO, let alone knowing which buttons and dials to fiddle with on the camera. Now, after 10 years of being a photographer, I don’t even need to think about it. My fingers just do the fiddling on auto pilot when I need to adjust my settings in a given moment.

The same is true for your confidence. If you haven’t had any experience with being confident in the past, it’s going to feel awkward and clunky when you start out. But just like playing the guiter, driving the car, or taking a photo, if you practice long enough I guarantee you, it’ll become easier and more automatic.

What’s actually happening at a physiologically level is that new neural pathways are being carved out in your brain every time you try something new and then repeat that process through practice. So you have to strengthen those new pathways by forming a new habit until that habit becomes the new norm.

And think about it, you can’t expect to be at confidence level 10 overnight, if you’re only at confidence level 1 now. You have to put in the effort and slowly progress through the different levels of confidence incrementally.

Speaking of different levels of confidence, check out my previous video about just that topic – https://youtu.be/BqbwhLosDuc

As I mentioned earlier, I have an exciting gift to encourage a New You in November. At this time of year I often feel drained and tired and both dreading and wishing for the festive season to arrive. But this year, I want November to be the start of the new you! That’s why I’m giving away – YUP! GIVING AWAY my Body, Mind & Soul Confidence guided visualization bundle. 

It’s been proven that your subconscious mind cannot discern between imagination and reality. That means, if you feed it stimulus that uplifts, empowers and shifts the way you feel and think about yourself at a mind, body and soul level, then you’ll begin to re-program the way you perceive yourself.

Commit to listening to at least one of these audio tracks every day for 30 days, and begin to notice how you’re able to bring those imagine feelings into your day to day experience. The more you’re in tune with those feelings of confidence, the more confident you’ll feel.

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