In this video I share my confidence tips for women by sharing a personal story of making a public speaking blunder and how I overcame my fear.

I’ve recently started exploring professional speaking as a means to continue my mission to help women elevate their confidence. Let me tell you right here, right now – that shit is scary, but I love it!

In this video I’m going to tell you about a recent talk I gave where I went completely blank on stage in front of 250 people, how I got through it, and how I didn’t beat myself up afterwards.

I was recently booked to do a series of 5 talks to groups ranging in size from 100 to 250 women. I was briefed to talk to them about my journey as a Confidence Crusader and to offer tips and advice on how these women could begin their own journey of confidence.

I have given a version of this talk before at networking events, but never to groups of this size, so I was well aware of the lump of fear that was starting to build up in my stomach as the event dates drew near.

I had refined my presentation, practiced it a number of times, I even recorded it on my phone so that I could listen to it while going about my day in the hope that I would absorb it into by brain by osmosis.

While I hadn’t memorized the 25 minute talk word for word, I had my notes on my presentation which would sufficiently prompt me on the relevant discussion point.

The first presentation went swimmingly – it was about 100 women and it all went well – I was feeling quite confident after that.
The second presentation also went well, given that it was a 250 strong audience and there was a technical issue with the presentation which meant I had to have two clickers and sync what I saw on my screen with what the audience was seeing on their screen. But I got through it ok, and was feeling quite good about it.
Then came the third event, again with 250 women in the audience. This time though, I discovered halfway through my introduction that I hadn’t setup my laptop properly, so I promptly forgot my train of thought and began ad-libbing – grasping for words like a fish out of water and looking like a deer in the headlights.
Everything slowed down and I felt like I was listening to myself as someone else. There were two conversations going on in my head at once – the one was me floundering through my speech, grabbing onto any available hooks that would get me back on track, and the other was me wondering if the people staring at me could tell that I’d screwed up.

Eventually I got to the end of the speech and with a wave of relief I walked down from the stage and the spotlights and the staring faces. My initial reaction was to berate myself for my blunder and to feel the embarrassment of the mess I’d just presented up there.

As it turned out, this talk was one that I had decided to record on my phone, because I wanted to monitor my ummms and aaaahhhs. I listened to the recording and to my relief, my perception of the talk I had just given was not reflected in the recording I was listening to. And although I could tell where I hadn’t said what I had intended, I realized that the audience wouldn’t have been any the wiser.

And after surviving this acute fear experience, every subsequent talk after that was so much easier because even though they had their own challenges, I had pulled through victorious and had served the audience well at a time when it could have gone horribly wrong. And that for me means personal growth and an increased confidence in my ability to overcome that fear.

So do the work, do the preparation, and have confidence that it will help you overcome the fear when it’s your showtime.

I’m so grateful that I had recorded this particular talk, so I was able to bring my perspective out of my head and listen to my talk from the audience’s point of view, which brings me to my next video which is all about the idea that you can’t improve that which you don’t measure. So watch out for that and to make sure that you don’t miss out when it’s loaded, hit the subscribe button & click the bell to receive the notification.

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