In this video I talk about the different levels of confidence.

I believe there are different types of confidence consciousness.
There’s Unconscious Confidence and Conscious Confidence. Unconscious Confidence is that which we do by instinct. We react to a situation in a state that is inherent to our make up. We aren’t even aware that we perceive a situation in a certain way and we aren’t aware that we react instinctively in a certain way. For example, I know for myself, if I’m in a situation where someone has been hurt, my confidence levels instinctually lower, I freeze, my brain doesn’t process the information my eyes are transmitting, panic sets in, and I’d be more useful if I weren’t present. Whereas someone else, without thinking, would instinctively take control of the situation, make sure the injured person was as comfortable as possible and instruct the by-standers to get medical help.

Conscious Confidence is the opposite. We are fully aware of our reaction to a situation, a situation which we have assessed and then taken the time, even if just for a few seconds, to decide how we choose to respond to the situation. For example, in a crowded speakers event, when the speaker asks for volunteers to stand up and address the audience, I know that I would assess the situation, notice the fear and nervousness I feel, and then either choose to stand up and take on the challenge, or slide lower into my chair and avoid eye contact.

Of course, both Unconscious and Conscious Confidence is impacted by several factors like past experience and training which has a direct impact on confidence levels in a specific context.
Very much like the cycle of competence which is:
Unconscious incompetence – You don’t know what you don’t know
Conscious incompetence – You’re aware of the holes in your knowledge and experience
Conscious competence – You’re trained and experienced in a given task, but you still have to think about what you’re doing
Unconscious competence – You are so well versed, that you can practically perform the task with your eyes closed.

The same scale can be applied to confidence:

Unconscious lack of confidence – you’re unaware that your self belief and self esteem are lacking and you’re not actively working on improving it.
Conscious lack of confidence – You’re aware that your self belief and self esteem are lacking but you’re not actively working on improving it.
Conscious confidence – You are activating your self belief and self esteem with intentional effort
Unconscious confidence – You activate your self belief and self esteem effortlessly and automatically.

Although, like I mentioned in my previous video about why you can never aim to be fully confident, there is no ultimate level of confidence. It’s something you practice and implement daily and it just becomes part of who you are.

So know this – confidence is a process and the least you need to do is recognize where you are on the scale so that you can keep going in the right direction on the scale.

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