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Soul Confidence

Week 4

Reconnecting With Ourselves

Challenging Beliefs

Your Impact Your Purpose

Your Future Self

The Key To Confidence

Action Steps:
Download, print & complete the Meet your 85 Year Old Self worksheet
Download and listen to the Meet Your 85 Year Old Self Visualization audio
Write a letter to yourself from the future. Explain everything you’ve achieved, how you feel, what you did to get there.
Choose trigger keyword(s)

One Minute Onesness
Journal about your internal compass. Begin to question the opinions, beliefs, inner dialogue that doesn’t serve you.

  1. Confidence is Contagious! Go the Conscious Confidence Crusaders group and share your letter from the future, share your trigger words and share your Ah-Ha’s.


Audio files for listening on mobile devices. (Select the file by clicking the white space next to the file name and click the Download button that appears above.)

Meet Your 85 Year Old Self Visualization audio

Meet your 85 Year Old Self Worksheet

Letter from the future template

Pay It Forward Worksheet


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