It’s January 2018! And that means a new bout of enthusiasm and energy for the year.

While I didn’t go away for the festive holidays (my hubby and I enjoyed a little stay-cation, which a smidgeon of work), I do feel refreshed and ready to take on this year.

I actually did something I’ve never done before – I planned out a whole year of blog and vlog post topics! Can you believe it? Me? Organised? Who’d of thunk it?

Apparently you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! 

Anyhooo, what that means is, I have an action-packed plan for this-here blog in 2018, and it’s starts today with this post.

As well as January being the month we generally set new goals, January is also traditionally known as “Get a Balanced Life Month”.

I’m sure you can agree, that when your life is out of balance – your confidence takes a knock too. It’s all related and interlinked!

So for the next few Wednesday’s I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on work-life balance and it’s impact on confidence.

Starting with…

Why Work-Life Balance Builds Confidence

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