In this video I explain what I do when I’m intimidated by someone.

The other day I went out on a limb and asked a very successful well known woman if I could interview her. She didn’t know me from a bar of soap and I half expected her to decline, if I got a response at all. To my surprise she actually agreed to meet with me and I was caught totally off guard.

I actually started to get really nervous. I didn’t know how she would treat me, I didn’t know how I would react to her. In those kinds of situations I generally revert to a shy 8 year old kid who just wants to hide behind the furniture waiting for my mom to tell me what to do.

I had visions of me stumbling and fumbling over my words, behaving like a complete idiot. I realized that this reaction was coming up because I felt intimidated by this person who was so successful.

I gave myself a little pep talk the day before and the advice I gave myself is something that I’ve relied on since I was in high school. Funnily enough on the day of the interview, my friend and assistant gave me the exact same advice when I told her I was nervous.
That’s when I knew it was a great piece of advice.

So here it is – my stellar piece of advice for dealing with the nerves when you have to face someone who intimidates you….

What I do when I’m intimidated by someone

Imagine them pooping.
Yup! Imagine them sitting on the can, pushing out a steamy hot one.
Doesn’t that just tip them off the pedestal and bring them back down to your level. It works for me.

For example, imagine the queen of England taking a right royal ripe one. Or Donald Trump taking a dump. No matter who they are or what they’ve achieved, they all get their turn on the porcelain throne doing the one thing that levels us all.

So that’s my tip for today, I hope you weren’t eating lunch, because that imagery probably wouldn’t have gone down well. Sorry about that!

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