In September last year I got the opportunity to visit Singapore with my husband. It was our first ever visit to an Asian country and we hadn’t known about it until about a month prior to us leaving.

My hubby had an invitation to visit, and I decided to go along for the ride. I wasn’t about to let him have all the fun!

I was having a conversation with someone earlier this week about how travel has a dramatic affect on your perception. It’s like a mind-altering drug – in the best way possible. Every trip I’ve ever taken overseas has changed the way I view the world, how I view life and how I view myself.

Most importantly of all, every travel experience has changed my levels of confidence. Especially when visiting a country where the cultures, the language, the food, the systems and the environment is SO different from what you’re used to.

I understand that as far as Asian countries go, Singapore is probably the most Westernised Asian country, thanks to it’s history of British colonization, but even so, it’s a melting pot of so many variations in a small space that it was an absolute delight of an adventure, and a country I’d love to re-visit.

We were only there for a week, so our visit flew by in an instance, which is why I’m so grateful that I documented our visit on video. My hubby and I fancy ourselves as wanna-be travel vloggers, and this was our first proper attempt at that…

I FINALLY finished editing this mammoth video just before Christmas, so that I could share our adventure with my family, and of course, I consider you family too, so if you’re planning to visit Singapore sometime soon, or you just want to get a sense of it, then take a look at our not-so-little, but fun and informative (at least we think so!) Visit to Singapore Video….


I can honestly say I came back from this trip a changed woman having experienced my first solo long-haul flight, staying in a ‘strange’ country on my own for one night and generally seeing and experiencing things I never thought I would. My Confidence certainly notched up several points after this, and now we get to relive this experience again, every time we watch this video….

Have you ever been to Singapore?

What was your favourite part?

Otherwise, what country have you visited that broadened your perspective and grew your confidence most?