After living in our tiny apartment in Cape Town for the last 6 years, we’re finally taking the step and making the big change that we should have made at least 4 years ago!

It’s been on our minds for a long time but you know how it goes….comfort zones are so…comfortable – even if they’re bad for you!

comfort zones are so…comfortable – even if they’re bad for you!

Well, thanks to Aunty Rona, over the past few months, we’ve become comfortable with being uncomfortable, so we thought – now’s the time!

The time to pack up our lives, make plans, execute those plans and face the necessary upheaval in order to up level our lives. So that’s what we did.

The lockdown and the pandemic were merely the final straws, but this has been coming for some time. We needed that one last nudge to finally move from indecision to committing to the decision and finally following through. Coupled with the work I’ve been developing for the Cafinnate Academy, which brought so much clarity to me personally, I’ve become keenly aware of how our existing work/life situation was out of alignment with who and where I’m meant to be, and the impact I’m meant to be making. It was never going to happen while we were holding on to our familiar surroundings and situations.

The time had come to move out, move on and move up, and I couldn’t be more excited. We’re less than a week into our new life and I’m so in love – in love with life!

I know that part of it is the ‘honeymoon period’ and the novelty of newness, but I feel in some very deep parts of myself, that there’s something bigger at play here which is about to expand beyond my limited imagination.

Thanks to the internet and the global move to online business and connectivity, I can still run my online academy, and I’ll be making regular visits to Cape Town to do shoots based on block bookings and waiting lists. (If you’re in Cape Town and you’d like to book a shoot in the coming months, get in touch to be notified of my upcoming available dates). And of course, if you’d like to schedule an online Personal Branding Consultation, book here.

In the meantime, I get to spend the morning sipping my tea, meditating and journalling outside in the sun in our temporary home until we find our own piece of paradise.

And let me tell you – having the ability to sit outside in the morning sun is a small thing, but it’s actually a HUGE thing, and something I’m immensely grateful for. If you’ve always had this as a small pleasure, please say an extra ‘thank you’ today for the gift of this experience.


Packing up and moving is never fun, but it’s at least easier when you’re already kinda, sorta living a minimalist lifestyle, and this move has inspired us to downscale even more. So watch this space!

For now though, join us on the first leg of this adventure where we leave the city life in exchange for moving to the country side.

Click the video below to watch the start of this journey!

Let me know – if you were to leave your city living lifestyle in exchange for a country lifestyle, where would you move to?