Gonna Party Like It’s Your Birthday

When Mary-Anne came into the studio for her pre-shoot consultation, I asked her why she was doing this Makeover photo shoot. She explained that she had a birthday coming up, and since her 40th birthday, she’s done something that scares her to commemorate each of the passing/coming years.

Isn’t that just awesome?!?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this is something every woman should do for her birthday. Without getting too morbid – you never know when your next birthday is going to be your last. So every birthday that comes along should wholeheartedly be celebrated –

“Woooo hooooo – I made it through another year!!!”

printed and matted mounted womens portraits cape townThen, like a good wine, you can track your maturation over time. Looking back at your portraits and seeing yourself literally grow in confidence and beauty with each passing year. In the long term, doesn’t this sound like the most beautiful legacy, for your family and yourself? I think so – in fact, I’m going to call on my photography friends and schedule my next birthday shoot, which happens to be next week.

There’s Something About Mary-Anne

Mary-Anne is extremely active and loves the outdoors, so keeps herself in good shape – which was great, because I had her stretching and contorting all over the floor in my studio during the shoot.

She’s a woman who loves to laugh and her girlfriends and family are an important part of her life. I remember thinking on one oCafinnate Academysion, while Mary-Anne was retelling a story of her girlfriends and their regular get-togethers – talking kak, laughing loudly & drinking good wine – how I hope to be like that when I’m her age. So graceful, self-assured and surrounded by a close group of friends.

I felt a particular sense of admiration, when she said that she’s willing to push herself out of her comfort zone for this photo shoot. Here’s a woman with balls!

Mary-Anne’s Take on Confidence

What confidence means to Mary-Anne

After the shoot I asked Mary-Anne to share her thoughts on confidence as a woman her age:

What does confidence mean/look like to you?
Feeling comfortable in my own skin – flaws and all!
How do you deal with Criticism?
I assess whether it has substance and I could learn/improve from it or not, then I either take appropriate action or ignore it.
What’s your favourite quote/mantra/saying?
I have a few:

I can do anything I set my mind to do.
My life has a purpose and I must fulfil it.
Authentic is who I am and honesty is what you will get. If you don’t like that, stay away from me.
Making a difference is the legacy I want to leave behind.

On a scale of 1-10 how confident do you personally feel on an average day?
What’s your ‘go-to’ confidence boost when you need one?
  • A chat with a friend/family or partner
  • Affirmation from my online friends and family
  • Meditation/Yoga/Exercise
Which woman has inspired/influenced you most?
Thuli Madonsela, our public prosecutor. She is what courage under fire looks like!
Besides World Peace, what do you wish there was more of/ less of in the world?
More authentic people who cut the pretense and are who they say they are.
More people with a sense of humanity in how they treat all living things.
More people with an environmental conscience so that we leave a world behind that our kids would want.
What’s your usual response when you have your photo taken?
‘Get that camera away from me!’

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Want to celebrate your own birthday with a Makeover Shoot?