#bodypositivity I think it sucks and I’m going to tell you why.



For all the good that #bodypositivity has done – and it is good, it’s great!

It’s all inclusive – to a point.  What I’ve seen of the body positivity movement is that it generally puts focus on size, on weight, on shape, on literally, the body from the neck down.


And to me, that’s wrong.


When I chat to my clients before they have their shoot with me, I ask them what they’re specifically self conscious of. What they don’t like about their physical appearance, and nine times out of ten they can rattle off a whole big long list. And when I ask them “What do you actually like about your physical appearance?”, then they’re not quite so forthcoming.


And I totally get that.


So the reason why I don’t agree with #bodypositivity is because some of us don’t necessarily have an issue with our body when it comes to our physical appearance, but the areas that we have an issue with are from the neck upwards.


For example – case in point – I’ll rattle off a list of things that I dislike about my physical appearance. Because every girl has that – you know that you do.


  • I have a few grey hairs,
  • My eyelids are heavy and droopy,
  • I have a big schnoz,
  • I have skew teeth, right in the front.


So those are pretty much the things that I dislike about my physical appearance.


But they’re from my neck upwards and there’s nothing that I can do besides colouring my hair, and who has time for that?

So there’s nothing that I can do to remedy that, bar going to some serious extremes. And I have to walk around with this face!! So unless I’m prepared to put a paper bag over my head, I have to accept that people are going to see my flaws – warts and all.


And I’ve gotten to a point where, that’s ok.

I’ve gotten to a point where I can accept that, because it’s who I am and I’m not prepared to go and alter that.


That’s why I don’t think #bodypositivity is as inclusive as it could be. I want to rather put forward that it should be #wholeselfpositivity. Be positive about your whole self!!

Rather than just the one aspect.

Accept all of your flaws just as they are.

They are what make you unique, they are what make you beautiful.

And at the end of the day, they’re yours, so appreciate them.