It’s starts as a niggle. Progresses into a tightening. Then explodes into full blown stress and tension.
Over the past few years, this experience has become more and more familiar to me. So familiar, that I seem to want to avoid it at all costs, which then perpetuates the situation even more, and so the cycle continues.
This is my problem.
I don’t know how to do nothing.
My mind doesn’t know how to turn off. Even when I will it to.

I shot a wedding on Saturday, which left me suffering, what my photography friends and I call, a wedding hangover. It’s like a real hangover, but without the alcohol, memory loss or tainted reputation. It does, however, have simliar physical traits like aches and pains, reduced cognitive function and a need to find the nearest couch-tv-remote combo for a minimum 8 hour duration.

I realised on Sunday though, that although I had assumed the requisite horizontal position in front of the least challenging tv channelavailble, I did so with my tablet device in hand, tapping away at the screen, planning for the week, responding to mails, and catching up on other admin that had been left unattended at the Friday clocking out time.

Even now, as I write this post, I’m sitting at a coffee shop at the Watefront, having supposedly taken the afternoon off to go to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. We planned to get here early to avoid the traffic, but the thought of leaving work undone and unfinished at home, fills me with that dreaded discomfort. I find myself struggling against the limitations of my mobile device in relation to my workflow requirements.
I have a need to rate each hour of my day based on it’s level of productivity.

Seriously, I’m beginning to think I have a problem. Hello, my name is Abigail and I’m addicted to…technology? The internet? Information? To-do lists? All of the above.

As you can see, this blog post is less of an advice-giving piece, offering up a list of tips and how-to’s. It’s more of an advice-seeking piece. Really. Tell me. I’d like to know. How do you do nothing?