Today I received such a lovely, unexpected surprise when I attended the Xtraordinary Women Business network this morning.

I was awarded this certificate for Most Promising Business in their Southern Suburbs network.

Xtraodinary Women Award

Xtraordinary Women Business Network Award

So many times I find myself wondering whether my efforts in my business are in vainĀ and if my output has any impact outside of my own brain.

What keeps me going most times is getting the feedback from my happy clients when they receive their photos. That tops me up and keeps me going until the next shoot, knowing that what I’m doing is being appreciated and that I’m making people happy. The people pleaser that I am, thrives on good feedback!

So to be the recipient of this certificate, to have something tangible and framed, nogal, is an absolute mind-blower! This has given me a taste for formal recognition, and may well be the catalyst for me to push even harder and aim even higher for even more awards! The way I see it, it’s a win-win. I’ll work harder, do better, make more people happy, make myself happy, feed my soul. What’s not to love?

Thank you so much Gwen and Retha, I really appreciate your support, your recognition and your kind words. It’s all good for this girl’s soul.